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About Me


Josh Han is an actor based in Los Angeles, CA., originating from Washington DC.

Josh Han is a series regular on CW's Death Squad as Kirk Bennett. He has also appeared on hit TV shows such as DAVE (FX) and Marco Polo (Netflix). Josh was the lead in PINEAPPLE (2021) which was a winner in the AGBO Film Festival, and he was also in Lost Dogs (2018), which won Best Drama on the NBC Short Film competition. He is also a voice over actor and appeared in hit video games such as Tom Clancy's Division 2, Ghost of Tsushima (Player's Choice game of the year 2020) and Cyberpunk 2077. Josh performed the english dubbing for The Kingdom (Netflix) S2 and was dubbed a lead character in Love Struck in the City (Netflix).

He most recently written & produced Oddjob: A kill from the other side.

Josh Han also has stunt and martial arts experience. He was on the stunt team for Marco Polo season 2 and also performed stunts on Alita: Battle Angel and performed his own fight scenes in Oddjob.

Hobbies include: martial arts/working out, cooking, video games, eating a ton of fruit, spending quality time with his dog Lola. 

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Height: 6'00"

Weight: 175

Eye Color: Light Brown / Hazel

Hair Color: Black

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